ChemRar Group conducts a business training course in pharmaceuticals for MIPT students

On February 15, 2019, the semester course “Workshops on pharmacy business: How to develop the latest medicine and earn money” will start at the Department of Innovative Pharmaceuticals, Medical Engineering, and Biotechnology at the MIPT School of Biological and Medical Physics. The training course has been organized by the MIPT School of Biological and Medical Physics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in collaboration with ChemRar Group and the NeuroNet Industry Union.  

Classes will be conducted by the leaders of ChemRar Group across all areas of drug development and drug commercialization at different lifecycle stages. The key topics of the workshops are as follows:

  • AI in drug development;
  • Medical applications;
  • Organization of preclinical and clinical studies;
  • Personalized medicine;
  • Organization of manufacturing;
  • Establishing a startup in pharmacy;
  • IP protection and fund raising in pharmaceuticals;
  • Sales mechanisms and how to make money on the drug market, etc.

The classes will be held on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00 in classroom 105, Biopharm Building, MIPT. The course is basically designed for 5th year students of the MIPT School of Biological and Medical Physics, but everyone interested are welcome. In addition, a full video course of workshops for e-learning will also be created.

ChemRar Group regularly offers MIPT students lots of career opportunities in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, such as lectures and workshops, field trips to research business units, summer internships and internships in the ChemRar HTC projects. The best and most motivated students will have the opportunity to take a summer internship at the California division of ChemDiv (San Diego, CA 92121, USA).

To sign up for the course, please send your application in free form to

Location:  9 Institutsky Pereulok, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Biopharm Building, Classroom 105, Dolgoprudny.

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