Preclinical research services

We are proud to offer our best expertise and 1st-class preclinical services to your organization.

ChemRar provides a range of in vitro ADME/T assays to evaluate and improve metabolism, bioavailability, pharmacology, and toxicology characteristics of screening compounds during early stages of hit expansion and lead optimization.

For in vivo studies ChemRar offers:

  • Pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution, excretion
  • Routes of administration: PO, IM, IP, IV, SC, inhalation, topical
  • In vivo Efficacy Models (CNS, Oncology, Inflammation, etc)
  • Preliminary tox studies (dose-range finding, MTD)
  • Regulatory Toxicity Studies including formulation analysis and toxicokinetics
  • Animals: mice and rats (in-house), rabbits, dogs, monkeys (with partners)

ChemRar has developed a large number of animal models that are offered as a service to our clients. Areas of specialization include CNS (psychiatric and neurological diseases); metabolic and diabetes; oncology; infectious diseases and cardiovascular disorders. We are constantly adding to these model systems and our experienced pharmacologists will be pleased to discuss your needs. All model systems are fully validated and follow SOPs. Full compliance with the humane treatment of animals is respected for all studies and they are conducted in state-of-the-art facilities according to regulatory guidelines.

The following tests are run routinely and are fully validated.

Many additional models can be provided on request:

General Behavior

  • Open field test
  • Rota-rod test
  • Cross-maze test

Memory Impairment tests

  • Water maze test (Morris test)
  • Passive avoidance
  • Novel object recognition test

Learning & Memory with Aged Animals

  • Radial Arm Maze
  • Morris Water Maze

Anxiety & Fear

  • Elevated Plus Maze
  • Shock Probe
  • Holeboard
  • Light / Dark Box
  • Passive Shock Avoidance

Psychomotor Behavior & Coordination

  • Excitation & Sedation
  • Exploration
  • Stereotype Behavior
  • Rotarod
  • Catalepsy Test
  • Acoustic startle response test
  • Tilt Plane / Righting Reflex


Basic Pharmacology & Physiology

CNS-mediated Eating Disorders. Obesity.

  • Irwin Test
  • Blood Samples
  • Metabolic Cages

Drug Abuse & Dependence

  • Withdrawal
  • Conditioned Place Preference

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

  • Animal Models for Addiction Development
  •  Loss of Control
  •  Craving

Anti-depressant Activity Tests

  • Porsolt forced swim test
  • Tail suspension test
  • Elevated platform


MPTP-induced motor impairment model


Oncology in vivo 

  • Culture and inoculation of tumor cell lines
  • Monitoring and measurement of tumor growth
  • Administration of therapeutic or preventative dosing protocols
  • Excision and collection of tumors
  • Necropsy with observation for sites
  • “Tumor Growth” – initial studies to determine tumor growth rate in nude mice
  • “Tumor Production” – production of tumor-bearing mice for collection of tumors or performance of therapeutic studies.

Please contact our team to discuss your specific needs and application.


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