Biotechnological Producton (BioIntegrator)

The manufacturing complex of BioIntegrator is located on the territory of ChemRar on an area of over 1000 m2. The production is organized in accordance with the GMP standard and equipped with the most modern technological equipment.  

BioIntegrator carries out full-cycle production of biotech drugs: from growing the producer and biosynthesis of the target product to bottling the finished product, as well as the development and manufacture of the pharmaceutical substance. The production of biotech pharmaceuticals is radically different from the production of chemically synthesized drugs. “Live factories” — cells that produce the target protein, are used for the synthesis of biotechnological substances. The use of cell producers in the production of pharmaceuticals has strict requirements for the cleanliness and sterility of equipment, as well as for the cleanliness of production environment and to he quality of raw materials. In this regard, BioIntegrator implemented advanced developments in the industry, and the experience of foreign manufacturers, so today we can confidently assert that the company’s products are not inferior in the quality to foreign analogues, and some products even have no analogues.

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