ChemRar Group introduces innovative products to the Chinese market

CardioSystemPharma company, a subsidiary of ChemRar Group, has introduced a unique Russian innovative cardioplegic drug Normacor® to the leading Chinese cardiosurgeons on the 5th International Forum One Belt One Road: Pudong, which took place on May 16 at Shanghai International Conference Center, China.

Normacor® is intended for advanced cardiac surgery with significantly less side effects compared to the existing surgery standards.

The forum was attended by more than 20 top pharmacy and healthcare experts from China and Russia as well as about 100 investors from around the world.

Valentin Volgushev, R&D Director at CardioSystemPharma, cardiac surgeon and one of the developers of this drug, noted that today cold (hypothermic) cardioplegia is widely used around the world, and Normacor® can significantly increase the safe period for surgery on a stopped heart when using normothermia and blood cardioplegic solution. “As of today, this is the best myocardial protection system for cardiac surgery in terms of efficacy, safety, and feasibility”, said Valentin Volgushev.

Normacor® allows surgeons to implement all the opportunities of the modern cardiac surgery when using normothermia and blood cardioplegic solution. This reduces surgery and post-surgery mortality, simplifies the surgery itself and significantly reduces the risk of post-surgery complications in myocardium and brain.

It is important to note that Normacor® has been successfully used in Russia in more than 2,000 surgeries proving its effectiveness and safety compared to the leading foreign competitors. The drug has already aroused great interest, and several large medical centers in China are conducting negotiations on its export.

Normacor® is the drug registered for use in Russia in 2016 by CardioSystemPharma (MA No. ЛП-003689).

ChemRar Group includes R&D, manufacturing, and investment companies in the field of innovative pharmaceutics, having a goal to develop and commercialize innovative pharmaceutical products, technologies of diagnostics and disease prevention, and new methods of treating life-threatening diseases in Russia and abroad.

The International Forum One Belt One Road: Pudong was held for the fifth time. The achievements of cooperation between China, Russia and CIS countries in biomedicine had been highlighted on the first four sessions. In 2019, the forum was dedicated to successful developments in medical equipment, pharmacy, health products, cosmetics, organic food, and agriculture.

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