ChemRar Group to supply five anti-tumour drugs to Colombia

ChemRar Group and Pharmaceutical Health Corporation S.A.S, national pharmaceutical distributor in Colombia, announce the signing of the agreement for the supply of five anticancer products: TEMOSOLOMIDE (INN Temozolomide), LANGOTER (INN Gefitinib), SUNITINIB-CHEMRAR (INN Sunitinib), POTARBIN (INN Pazopanib) and LAPATINIB-CHEMRAR (INN Lapatinib). All the products are developed and manufactured at the manufacturing site of ChemRar Group in Russia.

The signing of the supply agreement with the Colombian partner is a harmonious continuation of ChemRar’s international activity development in the Latin American region, where the Russian manufacturer already has projects in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and Costa Rica. «We notice a significant interest in the products from the ChemRar’s portfolio on the part of representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America. The signing of another contract, this time with a Colombian company, demonstrates the demand for Russian pharmaceutical products in foreign countries,» points out Irina Tyrnova, the Board member of ChemRar Group, General Director of Chromis, LLC.
Taking into account the successful experience of ChemRar Group’s in the CELAC region (supplies of the drug “AVIFAVIR” for the treatment of COVID-19 to Venezuela and Bolivia in the years 2020-2022), the cooperation with other countries in the region, such as Colombia, means prospects for further expansion. Thus, according to Valentina Meneses, CEO of the Colombian company “Pharmaceutical Health Corporation”, «We are pleased that, thanks to our cooperation with one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies, ChemRar, patients in Colombia will have access to socially important, high-quality drugs at an affordable price.»
Based on WHO reports, about 9 million people die of cancer every year. More than 14 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. These alarming figures emphasize the need for continuous development of new drugs and treatments. According to the latest WHO data, deaths from the various types of cancer in Colombia have reached a rate of 22,13% of the total mortality. That is why the conclusion of the supply agreement between the Russian manufacturer and the Colombian distributor on the registration and supply of modern medicines for the treatment of oncological diseases is well-timed and will contribute to the health care of the patients in Colombia.
ChemRar Group is one of the largest non-state developers and manufacturers of innovative medicines in Russia. For more than 30 years, ChemRar Group has been conducting R&D activities and successfully carrying out contract research and custom development of innovative medicines and generics in cooperation with leading international biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

With its own GMP-certified full-cycle production facilities, ChemRar Group develops and manufactures innovative and generic finished drugs and active pharmaceutical substances. The company’s portfolio includes various therapeutic areas as virology, oncology, central nervous system, cardiology, and orphan diseases. ChemRar Group develops and manufactures more than 10 drugs for various types of oncological diseases, five of which will be supplied to Colombia under the above agreement.

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