ChemRar Group took part in the 25th anniversary Pharmtech&Ingredients exhibition at the Crocus exhibition center

This year, a large number of Chinese guests — suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients , equipment and materials — became noticeable. On the first day, two main blocks of topics were covered: ensuring the development of the innovative potential of the Russian pharmaceutical industry, lessons from the Pharma-2020 program and their importance for the successor program Pharma-2030, as well as features of the full production cycle of APIs.

The business program featured experts — representatives of regulators, major pharmaceutical companies, chemical technology companies, independent associations, as well as representatives of industry universities. Each party shared their experience of victories, failures, conclusions drawn, vision of the most optimal future strategy and wishes for their partners.

During the discussions at the forum, the topic of transition from generic import substitution to innovative ones and the need to work to increase technological sovereignty in terms of our own innovative medicines, as well as specific instruments of government support, were actively discussed.

“Despite certain successes of the last decade related to the implementation of the Pharma-2020 Strategy, Russia’s technological sovereignty in the field of drug supply is under threat.
To overcome this threat, our country needs to launch its own innovation cycle based on the existing modern infrastructure. This cycle should not be pseudo-fundamental (criterion – scientometric indicators), but purely applied (criterion – new drugs).” – says Konstantin Balakin, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, a well-known Russian specialist in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug development.

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