NeuroNet, AvtoNet and NP GLONASS have sign a tripartite agreement on cooperation in the framework of the NTI

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum held at the site of ASI Boiling Point, Andrey Ivashchenko, the leader of the NeuroNet working group of the NTI, the Chairman of the Board of Directors ChemRar, Roman Malkin, NP GLONASS Director of the Technical Regulation Service, and the leader of the AutoNet working group of the NTI Alexander Gurko signed a letter of intent on cooperation on June 2, 2017, aimed at providing our country’s residents, education system, healthcare, social security, transport and traffic industries with key vital products and services based on advanced Russian technology of NeuroNet and AutoNet.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dmitry Peskov, the Director of the Young Professionals Division at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and Evgeny Kovnir, the Deputy Director of the Young Professionals Division responsible for the development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative.

As part of the cooperation, it is planned to work jointly on projects related to the use of big data and modern software and hardware solutions for the creation of technological products at different levels of the Transport Systems Telematics ecosystem (TST). TST is a collection (“ecosystem”) of vehicles, road infrastructure, information systems that interact for the collection, intelligent processing, analysis and exchange of information. TST will bring the Russian transport industry to a modern technological level, will enhance efficiency, safety and environmental performance of the transport sector, as well as improve the mobility of people, and the efficiency of passenger, goods and cargo transportation.

In particular, in the framework of cooperation, it is planned to develop a Russian information and telematics service platform using advanced technologies of processing “big data” and artificial intelligence that will contribute to the solution of a number of important state tasks for better coordination and awareness of the authorities, protection of market economy mechanisms, equal information access for market participants, law enforcement, and nature protection and healthy environment provision.

“This Letter of Cooperation is an important step in the development of cooperation between the working groups of the various markets, developed as part of the National Technology Initiative. This approach will allow to realize the full potential of the state support for the development of new high-tech industries and businesses, will give impetus for their expansion, as well as create all necessary conditions for the creation and implementation of the unique Russian developments”, said Alexander Gurko, the leader of the AutoNet working group of the NTI.

“So-called big data, connected both with transport and other human activities, is gathered on the designed information and telematics service platform. The processing and development of new products and services based on big data is impossible without approaches related to artificial intelligence and machine learning that are the core competencies of the NeuroNet community members. We hope that such cooperation of two roadmaps — NeuroNet and AutoNet — for the development of such a platform will indeed have a synergistic effect and accelerate the emergence of national champion companies competitive in global markets”, said Andrey Ivashchenko, the leader of the NeuroNet working group of the NTI.

NP GLONASS (Non-commercial Partnership for Promotion of Navigation Technologies Development and Application). The Partnership was established with the aim of creating conditions for a competitive industry development in the field of navigation information services in Russia. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 522 “On Coordination of Works and Provision of Services in the Sphere of Navigational Activities” defined NP GLONASS as the Federal network operator in the navigation sphere.

NeuroNet — is the market of human-machine communications based on advanced developments in neurotechnology that increase the efficiency of human-machine systems mental and cognitive processes. The predecessor market is the market for wearable devices that transmit information over the Internet. New technologies, products and NeuroNet services will be developed based on the results of an intensive study of the human brain and nervous system.

The Branch Union NeuroNet was created with the goal of bringing all those interested in the development and promotion of Neurotechnology in Russia and the establishment of a global competitive NeuroNet market segment. If you want to join the NeuroNet movement, please send your application to For more information visit

AutoNet is not only a distributed control network for automated vehicles. It is also a market for services based on artificial intelligence systems, platforms and networks in the logistics of people and things. All this will create the technological basis for the implementations of many market-based projects and setting up businesses with a turnover of hundreds of billions of dollars.

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