New chemical compounds and libraries for in vitro screening in the collection of the ChemRar Group

ChemRar Group provides Russian scientists with access to one of the world’s largest collections of chemical substances for in vitro screening. The collection contains more than 1.6 million compounds and more than 100 ready-made focused libraries for medicinal chemistry projects.

The development of domestic innovative drugs is one of the priority areas for the development of the industry, laid down in the new strategy “Pharma 2030”, and available collections of chemical compounds will help to significantly speed up the development cycle of drugs for the latest biotargets.

New Arrivals :

  • Covalent lysine binder library – 4,200 compounds (Lysine is a promising target for the rational design of covalent inhibitors. The library contains compounds containing 21 electrophilic “warheads”, for each scaffold – up to 1500 different structures).
  • Sugar and sugar-like compound library – 356 compounds (Library of sugar-like compounds available in the ChemRar collection).
  • Covalent serine binder library – 4,400 compounds (The library contains 10 different active “warheads”, each scaffold contains up to 3,000 representative structures).
  • More than 800,000 connections in diversified sets — 384- and 96-formats.

Select compounds from the ChemRar collection

The ChemRar Research Center offers comprehensive services in silico and in vitro screening of biological activity, synthesis, pilot study programs of pharmacokinetics, in vivo activity and safety . Research is carried out using the ADP Hunter and Z’- lyte platforms . LANTHAScreen , LANCE and others.

We are making new “chemistry” for your research.

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