Representatives of ChemRar Group made a business trip to Morocco

On April 29 to May 6, representatives of ChemRar Group visited Morocco. The delegation took part in “Medical Expo 2023”, the largest pharmaceutical exhibition in Morocco, to conduct negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of Health of Morocco and the Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The parties discussed in detail the registration process for medicinal products in Morocco and other regulatory issues. In addition, the representatives of ChemRar Group held a number of meetings with the heads of leading Moroccan pharmaceutical companies to discuss possible joint projects for the supply of medicinal products from Russia.

Medical Expo 2023, El Jadida, Morocco

For ChemRar Group, Morocco is one of the top priority countries in Africa in terms of growing exports of medicinal products. Irina Tyrnova, the General Director of Chromis, noted: “We see that the Moroccan partners of ChemRar Group are very interested in our medicinal products, especially when it comes to ones treating oncological diseases. The commercial terms and conditions of this deal will be settled soon. At the same time, our expansion to Africa is not limited to Morocco. We are currently negotiating with companies from Ethiopia, Senegal, Mali, Algeria, Kenya, CAR, South Africa, and more. As you can see, the expansion plans are quite ambitious. I really hope that the supply of our products to Africa will start in the nearest future.”

Note:     Morocco is one of the strategic countries in terms of exports of ChemRar Group’s medicinal products to Africa. According to the analytical portal Global Data, the pharmaceutical market turnover in this country reached USD 1.65 billion in 2020, growing annually by 6.5 % on average[i]. This is the 6th largest market volume among the MENA countries. About 40,000 new cases of various oncological diseases are registered in the country each year.

Meeting of ChemRar Group representatives at Cooper Pharma


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